Andante vs Porto Card: What You Need to Know

Just like Lisbon, Porto has its own transport and sightseeing cards: Andante and Porto Card. Read our guide to make sure you buy the right card for exploring Porto.

An Andante card is a transport card designed for occasional travellers and visitors, similar to Lisbon’s navegante occasional card. You can use it to travel on metro, bus and commuter train in Greater Porto. Andante can hold single journeys, or 24-hour travel.

Note, however, that Porto’s funicular and trams are not included in the Andante occasional ticket. Instead, you can buy a ticket in cash at the funicular station or on board the tram. One journey on the funicular costs €4 (or €3 for children aged 4-12). Porto Tram City Tour includes lines 1 and 18, and tickets have the following options: €5 one journey (or €3.50 for children aged 4-12), €7 two journeys on the same day, €10 two-day ticket (or €5 for children aged 4-12).

A Porto Card is a sightseeing pass that helps visitors see Porto’s attractions, saving them both time and money. It may include unlimited use of Porto’s public transport for the duration of your card (1 to 4 days). Porto Card holders also enjoy a range of special offers and discounts in a number of museums for which free entry is not included, restaurants, boat trips, and more.

Should I buy an Andante or a Porto Card?

Deciding which card to buy actually depends on your plans. An Andante Card is the best option if you need a public transport ticket to get around but do not wish to visit any museums or attractions.

Andante: A card costs only €0.60 and can be recharged for one year. Load it with travel credit according to how many zones you will be travelling in. For example, you will need a Z4 ticket to travel from the airport to central Porto. Here’s an overview of the main types of tickets and fares:

ZonesAndante Azul (1 ticket) *Andante 24 (valid for one day)

* If you buy 10 tickets, you get one free.

There’s also a non-rechargeable Andante Tour card that you can use to travel on the Andante network (all zones) as much as you want for the chosen period.

Andante Tour 1 (24 hours): €7
Andante Tour 3 (72 hours): €15

Porto Card: A Porto Card includes 11 free museums and discounts on a number of atttractions and activities. Here are the prices (without / with public transport):

  • 1-day card: €6 / €13
  • 2-day card: €10 / €20
  • 3-day card: €13 / €25
  • 4-day card: €15 / €33

Comparing cards with a sample itinerary

Let’s say you have 24 hours in Porto, and want to visit three attractions – Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace), Clérigos, and Casa da Música (Music House). While none of these attractions is free, there’s a 50% admission discount with Porto Card. You may also want to use the metro to and from the airport and to and from Casa da Música. We did the math for you.

Palácio da Bolsa: €9
Clérigos Tower + Museum: €5
Casa da Música: €10

Total with Andante: €24 (attractions) + €7 (Andante Tour 1) = €31
Total with Porto Card: €12 (attractions 50% off) + €13 (1-day card) = €25

Where can I purchase an Andante and a Porto Card?

You can buy an Andante card when you arrive in Porto from automatic ticket machines in metro stations or any Andante shop. Unlike the Porto Card, you cannot buy an Andante card online.

We recommend buying the Porto Card upon arrival at the airport. You can also buy it using the Porto Card app or online before you travel to Porto. If you’re arriving to Porto by train from Lisbon, you can obtain a Porto Card in Lisbon at Oriente or Santa Apolónia railway stations.

Can I get an Andante and a Porto Card at the airport?

Yes, you can buy both cards at Porto Airport.

Buy the Andante card at the airport’s metro station. Or buy the Porto Card at the Tourist Information Desk on the ground level before security.