Shopping in Chiado & Bairro Alto

The Chiado and Bairro Alto neighbourhoods offer some of the best streets for shopping in Lisbon.

The Chiado is a somewhat conventional shopping area, while the Bairro Alto has more eclectic and independent shops.

Start by exploring the Chiado. Wander up and down Rua Garrett and the nearby Rua do Carmo, where you will find a pedestrian area over Santa Justa Lift. These are two of Lisbon’s best shopping streets, home to big brands such as Apple, Nespresso, Zara, among others.

Armazéns do Chiado

Armazéns do Chiado

There is also the Armazéns do Chiado, over metro station Baixa-Chiado, a popular shopping mall in the historic centre of Lisbon that has risen from the Chiado’s fire of 1988. It has some top-floor eateries, a large Fnac store, and several fashion and cosmetics stores.

Since the fire, Lisbon’s century-old establishments have been disappearing, but you can still find a few historic stores in Chiado.

Paris em Lisboa

Paris em Lisboa

For the best Portuguese porcelain and crystal pieces, visit Vista Alegre Atlantis at Largo do Carmo 20-23. Established in 1824, Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory was the first industrial unit producing porcelain in Portugal. In 2001, a merger between Vista Alegre Group and Atlantis Group that produced crystal pieces resulted in the largest tableware group in Portugal.

To buy azulejos (Portuguese hand-painted tiles) and see how they are made, head to Fábrica Sant’Anna on Rua do Alecrim, 58. Established in 1741, Fábrica Sant’Anna is the last big factory of tiles and pottery craft in Europe. It has been producing ceramics and tile pieces by hand using the same process since it first opened.

Bairro Alto

If you’re looking for a bag made of recycled plastic, that special t-shirt or a different restaurant, you will most likely find them on Rua do Norte in Bairro Alto, where several alternative stores have opened in the last years.

Cork & Co on Rua das Salgadeiras, 10 is a store in Bairro Alto with an innovative concept offering design pieces, including bags, jewellery, furniture, all made in cork, a totally natural and recyclable material.

The Bairro Alto is also one of Lisbon’s most fashionable neighbourhoods. Recently, several fashion designer stores have opened in the area. If you love clothes and fashion, check out Espaço Fátima Lopes on Rua da Atalaia, 36 for the latest trends.