Elevador de Santa Justa

Built in 1902 by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, a Portuguese engineer said to be a disciple of Gustave Eiffel, the giant Elevador de Santa Justa is Lisbon’s only public vertical lift.

Santa Justa together with the city’s three funiculars (Bica, Glória and Lavra) help make Lisbon’s hills a little more manageable.

During the first years, the lift was steam powered, being electrified in 1907. The tower was an important work at the time since it connected the downtown Baixa to the upper Carmo Convent by a passageway.

Elevador de Santa Justa

Today, Santa Justa Lift is a tourist attraction. A wooden cabin takes visitors 32 metres up inside an eccentric yet familiar wrought-iron tower decorated with filigree work.

At the very top of the tower, a viewpoint reached by a spiral staircase offers great views over Lisbon, especially on clear and sunny days. There is also a rooftop café with sweeping views of the city.

Be sure to arrive early if you want to beat the crowds.

  • Route: Rua do Ouro / Rua de Santa Justa – Largo do Carmo
  • Timetable: daily, 7am – 11pm from March to October, 7am – 9pm from November to February
  • Navegante Card and Lisboa Card accepted, carris.pt