Encanto, a New Vegetarian Restaurant in Lisbon

Committed to environmental responsibility, celebrated Portuguese chef José Avillez decided to open Encanto, a restaurant based on the concept of the beauty and flavours of vegetables.

Sourcing ingredients from small or local Portuguese farmers, Encanto puts the culinary spotlight on seasonal produce from a drive to contribute to a more sustainable world.

The vegetarian tasting menu at this high-end restaurant includes 12 moments creating a game of colours, textures and temperatures, with unforgettable flavours. It will set you back quite a lot, and is not affordable for many, sadly.

Encanto snacks. Courtesy of Grupo José Avillez

Still, Encanto offers a unique dining experience. Examples of moments on the tasting menu include:
Confit egg yolk | Jerusalem artichoke | Bean broth | Truffle
Cabbage | Onion corn kernels | Azorean Island cheese
Rice | Black truffle | Spinach | Sheep butter
Meringue| Pinetree crème | Kumquat

Encanto is only open for dinner, Tuesday to Saturday. So make sure you plan accordingly before attempting to come get a taste of the delicious 12 moments. Reserving ahead online is essential here.

Largo de São Carlos 10, Tuesday to Saturday for dinner, from 7pm to 10.30pm, 95 euros per person for 12 moments, encantojoseavillez.pt