Experience Fado in Amalia’s House

Amália Rodrigues is a familiar name to anyone who has heard about traditional Portuguese fado music.

The Queen of Fado died in 1999, but is still revered by aficionados of fado world-wide. Amália is also an inspiration to younger generations of fadistas, or fado singers, including Mariza and Ana Moura.

While you can go for dinner and fado in a number fado restaurants in the old neighbourhoods of Lisbon, you can also have an interesting experience listening to the traditional music of Portugal in Amália’s former house.

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The full fado experience starts with one-hour guided tour of the singer’s house, now a museum. You’ll have the chance to visit the beautifully furnished rooms, see Amália’s clothes, memorabilia, and the many photos.

Then, the museum closes and fado is sung for a small audience in the garden, a little haven of tranquility at the back of the house. The intimate show is performed by a professional fadista, accompanied by musicians playing Portuguese and acoustic guitars.

Fado Experience

The experience takes place every Tuesday and Friday as follows:

5pm – Guided tour of Amália’s former house
6pm – Fado by professional singers and musicians in the garden

Guided tour + Fado in the garden: €25
Fado in the garden only: €20

Casa-Museu Amália Rodrigues
Rua de São Bento 193

Fundação Amália Rodrigues’ Facebook page: facebook.com/fundacaoamaliarodrigues
Phone: +351 961 293 682
Email: jardimdaamalia@gmail.com