Feira da Ladra – Lisbon’s Best Flea Market

It’s called “Thieves Market” for a reason: Lisbon’s main flea market has all sorts of stuff, including touristy items, crafts, clothing, antiques, pottery, and also an area for a car boot style second-hand selling.

The market dates back to 1272, but it was only in 1882 that it settled permanently at Campo de Santa Clara.

The area of the market is vast, and the atmosphere is authentic. Even if you don’t plan on buying, you can spend a few nice hours just browsing.

Feira da Ladra

As in any flea market, bear in mind that one person’s junk may be another’s treasure. If you keep walking you may find hidden gems. There are a few handicraft sellers, and some nice hand done objects on cork, among other items.

From here you can easily visit the Panteão Nacional and the Church of São Vicente de Fora.

Although the Feira da Ladra is generally a safe place, be aware of pickpockets among the crowds.

Getting to Feira da Ladra

The Feira da Ladra is held at Campo de Santa Clara, behind the Church of São Vicente de Fora. Getting there is easy.

By foot: No doubt the cheapest way to get there. From Martim Moniz, just follow tram 28 tracks. However, it’s a steep hill, and not one walk to do on hot days.

By tram 28: Get off at Calçada de São Vicente. Use the navegante card to travel on public transport in Lisbon.

By tuk tuk: This a good choice if you want to cover other attractions and a few viewpoints in Lisbon. Read about tuk tuk tours in Lisbon.

By Uber or taxi: This is the most comfortable way to get there if you want to avoid walking up the Alfama steep hill.

Opening times

Tuesday and Saturday, 9am-6pm (best time to visit is in the morning)