Getting from Lisbon to Porto by Train, Bus, Plane and Car

Porto is 300 km / 186 mi north of Lisbon but good flight, road and rail connections make it very easy to get to.

If you’re wondering whether you can visit Porto as a day trip from Lisbon, it’s doable if you plan carefully. The city is smaller than Lisbon, and most landmarks are within walking distance. However, if you have time, Porto deserves at least one night’s stay – its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

The medieval architecture, the bridge over Rio Douro, the Art Nouveau cafés, and the many port wine lodges, are some of the highlights of Portugal’s second city. Here you can find out how to get from Lisbon to Porto.

Porto across the Rio Douro

By train

There are frequent trains from Lisbon to Porto. The service is operated by CP. Choose the high-speed Alfa Pendular (AP) train, which runs every hour or so. The journey takes about 2h45. If you book in advance, tickets should cost around €45 return.

In Lisbon, trains leave from Santa Polónia and Oriente stations. Santa Polónia is the old central station, while Oriente is the modern station in Parque das Nações, close to the airport. In Porto, you arrive at Campanhã station and should take another train to São Bento station in central Porto (this journey is included in the Alfa Pendular ticket).

Tickets and fares:

By bus

The bus from Lisbon to Porto takes about 3h30 and costs around €35 return. Buses run every hour and a half throughout the day, and the service is carried out by Rede Expressos / Renex.

In Lisbon, you can take the the bus to Porto either at Sete Rios bus terminal (metro’s blue line) or at Oriente station (metro’s red line). The bus terminal in Porto is located about 10 minutes walking distance from Bolhão and the city’s main attractions.

Tickets and fares:

By plane

Several daily flights, carried out by Ryanair and TAP, connect Lisbon and Porto. A flight from Lisbon to Porto takes 55 minutes. During flash sales, return flights can be as cheap as €20, which is lower than the usual train and bus fares. The regular fare ranges between €30 and €50.

Overall, expect the journey to take around 3 hours. This includes at least 30 minutes before departure at your boarding gate, as well as the time spent getting to and from airports. Lisbon Airport is only 10 km from the city centre, and it takes 35 minutes by metro to get there. Porto Airport is 12 km from the city centre, and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the Bolhão station, also by metro (unlike the Lisbon metro, the Porto metro runs mostly on the surface).

By car

The journey from Lisbon to Porto takes about 3 hours on A1 motorway. Take into account that tolls from Lisbon to Porto are expensive. Expect to pay around €22 just in toll fares. If you want to hire a car in Lisbon, find out here where you can get a vehicle.