Lime Brings its Dockless Scooters to Lisbon

Lime, the California-based company, has recently arrived on the sidewalks of Lisbon, with almost 400 electric scooters, trying to conquer the city and its seven hills.

Everywhere, Lime-S electric scooters ride smoothly, coping with Lisbon’s vertiginous cobbled streets.

Lime-S electric scooters in Lisbon work exactly as in any other location. Simply download the app (available for Android and iOS) and register. Then, find a scooter and scan the QR code or enter the number to unlock. You pay €1 to unlock and €0.15 for each minute of use. Finally, lock up safely when you’re finished.

Lime‘s scooters are launched a few months after the Gira bike hire scheme has taken off. The latter offers e-bikes as well as conventional bikes with fixed docking stations, as opposed to Lime’s dockless system.

So far, scooter- and bike-sharing systems have received positive public reaction in Lisbon. These new modes of transport are seen by many as fun, cheap, practical, and sometimes faster alternatives to cars, especially during periods of heavy traffic.