Lisbon in April – Weather and Events

April is a great month to visit Lisbon with the start of spring. In most years, the winter cold has ended by April, even though some rainfall may still be expected this month.

Often warm enough at mid-day, temperatures may drop at night.

Despite nicer temperatures, April is still a quiet month tourist wise, except for a few days around the Easter holiday (when it happens to fall in April).

Weather in April: What to Pack, What to Wear

  • Average High: 20ºC / 68ºF
  • Average Low: 12ºC / 54ºF
  • Average Rainfall: 68 millimetres / 2.68 inches

This month may have a few days when the thermometer goes over 25ºC (77ºF). Lisbon receives on average 68mm of rainfall in April, but total rainfall for the month may vary from year to year.

You don’t want to bring a big coat, a light jacket will be enough for most cool mornings and evenings. It’s a good idea to pack layers. A short sleeved shirt along with a light sweater or jacket is your best bet. During some days in April, it may be warm enough to wear shorts, but make sure you also bring long pants or jeans.

Events in April

  • Peixe em Lisboa: For a few days, hungry locals and tourists get the chance to taste our finest fish and seafood. This event brings together some of the most original Portuguese and international chefs and restaurants, cooking and serving fish in different ways.
  • Dias da Música: Music Days in Belém mean a full weekend of classical music at Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB). Take the chance to visit the building, a landmark of Portuguese modern architecture, and enjoy stunning views over the River Tejo.
  • 25 April: The national holiday that celebrates the peaceful Revolution of 1974 is marked by a large parade from Marquês do Pombal Square to the Rossio along Avenida da Liberdade, as well as several other events throughout the city. Led by the military, the Carnation Revolution, as it is also known, put an end to 40 years of dictatorship in Portugal, and granted independence to former Portuguese colonies.
  • Estoril Open: If you’re a tennis fan, you might want to see your favourite tennis players in action. The tournament takes place in Estoril (that’s two stops from Cascais train station).

Having Fun

As the days get longer, there’s lots of time to explore the Portuguese capital. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything important, check out Lisbon’s top ten attractions.

Be Prepared

The weather averages help you get an idea. If you’re not sure what time of year to visit, check our Lisbon weather page.