Lisbon Month by Month – Weather & Events

Wondering when you should visit Lisbon? Get help planning your trip with these monthly guides, which offer information about weather and events in Lisbon throughout the year.

Lisbon is a year-round destination, with a Mediterranean climate and mild temperatures. The hottest month of the year is normally August when the average high is 29ºC / 84ºF, but unexpected heat waves can make high temperatures go up to 35°C / 95ºF and more. The coldest month is January when the average high drops to 15ºC / 59ºF.

November and December have a rainy reputation, but rainfall can vary from year to year. Some downpours are common in late September or early October, but a week without sun is pretty rare in Lisbon. There’s never snow on the ground.

The shoulder seasons are the best to avoid overcrowding. Some years summer temperatures can start as early as late May, while in other years the beach season can extend to mid or late October.

Check the following monthly breakdown to get an idea of what to expect from the weather throughout the year. The month-by-month guides feature additional information about weather, what to pack, and things to do in Lisbon each month.

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