Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Lisbon

Portugal is home to 38 Michelin awarded restaurants, twelve of which are in the capital.

The Japanese-influenced Kabuki and Kanazawa are the two most recent additions, having been distinguished with one star in the Michelin Guide 2023. The year before, Cura run by chef Pedro Pena Bastos also got its first star.

Two Lisbon restaurants have earned their Michelin stars in the 2021 awards – 100 Maneiras, located in Bairro Alto, helmed by the Yugoslavian chef Ljubomir Stanisic, and Eneko Lisboa, headed by the Basque chef Eneko Atxa in the space of the former Alcântara Café.

Alma ascended from one Michelin star to two stars in the 2019 edition, joining Belcanto in Chiado – the two restaurants spaced a few metres apart from each other.

Find out where to eat food in Lisbon from world-class chefs, awarded one or more shining Michelin stars. Reservations are recommended, if not essential. To locate the restaurants, use the map below.

100 Maneiras: *One Star

The restaurant 100 Maneiras offers three tasting menus combining influences from Portuguese, French and Yugoslavian (the chef Ljubomir Stanisic’s nationality) cuisines. You can travel as you taste “The Story”, its condensed version “The Short Story”, or vegetarian “Echoes from 100”.

Price: €125 for the Story menu (+€115 for wine pairing with 12 wines); €95 for the Short Story menu (+€90 for wine pairing with 9 wines); €110 for the Echoes from 100 menu (+€100 for wine pairing with 10 wines). 100Maneiras.com

Alma: **Two Stars

Alma was awarded its first Michelin star in 2016, and ascended to two stars in the 2019 edition. It serves informal signature cuisine in a sophisticated environment. The food journey, led by chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, comprises a few menus: Costa a Costa, five courses inspired by the sea, Alma, a selection of five of the chef’s favourite dishes, as well as a la carte.

Price: €110 for the Alma menu; €120 for the Costa a Costa menu. www.almalisboa.pt

Belcanto: **Two Stars

Conveniently situated in Chiado, Belcanto was the first restaurant in Lisbon to be awarded two Michelin stars in 2014. Drawing on José Avillez’s expertise and creativity, the restaurant features “a revisited Portuguese cuisine served to an exclusive set of ten tables”. Reservations are required, ideally one to three months ahead.

Price: €165 for the Classics menu (+€85 for wine pairing with 6 wines); €185 for the Evolution menu featuring new flavours and textures (+€120 for wine pairing with 9 wines). www.belcanto.pt

Cura: *One Star

Cura run by chef Pedro Pena Bastos received its first star in the 2022 awards, not long after opening in 2020 at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz. The restaurant offers a la carte menus that highlight fine seasonal produce, as well as three tasting menus.

Price: €110 for the Meia Cura menu with 7 moments; €140 for the Origens menu with 13 moments; €95 for the Raízes menu. www.fourseasons.com/pt/lisbon/dining/restaurants/cura

Eleven: *One Star

From the top of Eduardo VII Park, Eleven delivers a dining experience of the highest quality, accompanied by vistas of Lisbon and the River Tejo. Joachim Koerpe is the leading chef of a concept of Mediterranean cuisine that uses the freshest produce.

Price: €98 for the Atlantic menu; €185 for the Lobster menu; €198 for the Black Truffle menu (wine pairing from €54). www.restauranteleven.com

Eneko Lisboa: *One Star

With an emphasis on sustainability, there are only two menu options for diners to choose from – Erroak with well-known dishes, and Adarrak with new creations by chef Eneko Atxa.

Located in Alcântara, one of the most popular areas in Lisbon’s nightlife scene, the restaurant has a vintage and modern ambiance. It has a list of the best world wines (paired or otherwise).

Price (average): €115. enekoatxalisboa.com

Epur: *One Star

An open kitchen and wide windows overlooking the city and the River Tejo are the setting of a fine-dining experience led by the French chef Vincent Farges. Epur offers a simple but sophisticated menu that changes with the seasons. Three starters, three main courses, and three desserts, each offering two or three flavours, make up the basis for the four tasting menus.

Price: from €65 for the Petit Appétit menu, composed of a starter, main course, and dessert, to €160 for the 8 Momentos menu (three starters, three main courses, and two desserts). www.epur.pt

Feitoria: *One Star

The Michelin-starred Feitoria serves traditional and authentic flavours with Oriental influences. Chef João Rodrigues’ menus are all about the product. The dining experience is enhanced by a unique waterfront location in Belém.

Price: €90 for the Terra menu (+€60 for wine pairing); €110 to €135 for the Matéria menu (4 to 6 dishes). www.restaurantefeitoria.com

Fifty Seconds: *One Star

It all begins with boarding the elevator of the MYRIAD hotel, which takes fifty seconds to reach the restaurant at 120 metres high. The stunning views are also part of the fine-dining experience that combines sophisticated flavours.

Located at the top of Vasco da Gama Tower in Parque das Nações, Fifty Seconds is led by the Spanish chef Martín Berasategui who has earned a total of 10 Michelin stars.

Price: €140 for the Fifty Seconds menu; €170 for the chef’s tasting menu. www.fiftysecondsexperience.com

Kabuki: *One Star

It is the first Kabuki to open outside Spain, being born in Madrid in 2000 (also distinguished with one Michelin star) and having another restaurant in Valencia since 2012. In Lisbon, Kabuzi opened in 2021 in the recently renovated Ritz Galleries offering a fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean flavours. Chef Paulo Alves leads the cuisine that serves three distinct spaces: the restaurant, Kikubari and Kabuki Experience.

Price: €100-135 for the Kabuki menu; €80-100 for the vegetarian menu. www.grupokabuki.com

Kanazawa: *One Star

Eight places, one Michelin star: Kanazawa is such a tiny restaurant that its food is all you can concentrate on. Chef and owner Paulo Morais offers different courses of the traditional kaiseki cuisine, explained and prepared in front of you in a sophisticated dining experience.

Price: €60 for the vegetarian Oyama (shojin ryori) with 5 Moments; €90 for the Kaiseki ryori with 7 Moments; €100 for the Kanazawa (sushi omakase) with 8 Moments. kanazawa.com.pt

LOCO: *One Star

In Loco, Alexandre Silva offers a gastronomic experience featuring locally-sourced and organic produce. Committed to a zero-waste policy, there’s only one tasting menu in Loco – an introduction to the chef’s cuisine, with 17 “unpredictable and surprising moments”.

Price: €113 for the LOCO menu (17 courses). www.loco.pt