Fado Museum: Listen to Fado and Learn its History

The Fado Museum in Lisbon is a must for fans of traditional Portuguese music, but also for those that are new to this music genre.

A visit to the museum gives you an insight into the culture of Lisbon and Portugal, and into the Alfama neighbourhood where the genre was born.

The Fado Museum offers a budget-friendly small scale exhibit. A visit will probably take one hour to complete, but it’s well worth the time.

A headphone is included in the admission price, so that you can listen to the history of fado as shown in the exhibit, from its origins to international recognition. You will also listen to songs by the best fadistas (fado singers) as you visit the museum.

The tour highlights the emotions that a good fadista conveys, perhaps more important than their gifted voice, and introduces several objects related to fado. Of particular interest is the section about Portuguese guitarras (guitars), covering the development of the instrument and some of the luthiers who built them.

Portuguese Guitar

The Fado Museum provides an engaging visit geared mainly for adults interested in getting to know traditional Portuguese fado music and its history. It could benefit from more interactive pieces, though.

The museum has a shop selling fado CDs and books, and some instruments. There’s also a coffee shop.

To get the full fado experience package, follow with dinner and fado at one of the best fado restaurants in Alfama.

Largo do Chafariz de Dentro 1, www.museudofado.pt