Organic Shops & Markets in Lisbon

Finding organic food in Lisbon has never been easier.

From local shops and chains that also offer meals and snacks down to farmers’ markets, here are the best places in Lisbon to buy certified organic products.

Shops & Supermarkets

Amor Bio

Just opening its second branch in Lisbon, this shop sells a range of organic products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, oils, vinegar, cookies and jams. It has a small café where customers can relax with an organic coffee or a freshly made juice.

  • Praça de Alvalade, 9 (Alvalade metro station), Mon-Sat 9.30am-8.30pm and Sun 10am-6pm
  • Rua Prof. Reinaldo dos Santos, 11 (Benfica), Mon-Sat 10am-7pm


An organic shop that provides everything from groceries, fruit and vegetables and fresh bread down to Portuguese wines and natural cosmetics. It has a 100% organic restaurant where customers can have breakfast, lunch or just a snack, with several vegetarian options.

  • Avenida Duque de Ávila, 141B (Saldanha metro station), Mon-Sat 10am-8pm (supermarket), Mon-Fri 8.30am-7pm and Sat-Sun 11am-7pm (restaurant)
Organic lunch at Mercado Alfazema

Organic lunch at Mercado Alfazema

Mercado Biológico Alfazema

This organic shop values locally produced organic food products. In addition to a variety of products, you can also enjoy an 100% organic breakfast or lunch at the cafeteria. They have vegan, vegetarian, gluten and lactose-free options.

  • Rua Santana-Lapa, 113-A (close to Jardim da Estrela – Estrela Garden), Mon-Sat 9am-8pm


Miosótis is an organic shop that sells everything for the weekly shop at fair prices: from fresh fruit and vegetables down to freshly baked bread and cookies, yoghurts, teas and coffees and dog food. It has a meat and cheese counter, stuffed with high quality produce from Portuguese suppliers. Fish is delivered daily. There’s also a great range of food for vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies, as well as natural cosmetics and household products.

The adjacent restaurant sells snacks and meals (lunch only), including home-made soup and an option of at least two dishes. The place gets crowded between 1pm and 2pm.

  • Rua Latino Coelho, 89 (São Sebastião metro station, close to El Corte Inglés), Mon-Sat 9am-8pm

Puro Bio

Puro Bio claims to be the largest organic supermarket in Portugal and the first organic bistro. In true supermarket style, they have fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, cupboard staples, cleaning products, beauty products and wine.

  • Rua Fernão Lopes, 17A (Saldanha metro station, opposite the rear entrance to Atrium Saldanha), Mon-Sat 8.30am-8pm and Sun 10am-6pm


Go Natural

Part of a major supermarket chain in Portugal (Modelo e Continente), Go Natural has five branches just in the city, and two other around Lisbon (Carnaxide and Estoril). It sells fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, dairy products, wine and pretty everything you need for the weekly shop.

The Chiado branch has an adjacent café with a terrace that provides healthy meals and snacks. Not everything is organic in the restaurant, but it offers a range of ever-changing healthy dishes, quiches and salads made daily.

  • Travessa do Carmo, 1 (Chiado), Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday midday-7pm (adjacent café)
  • Rua Joaquim Bonifácio, 21 (Picoas), Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday midday-7pm
  • Av. 5 de Outubro, 85 (Saldanha or Campo Pequeno metro stations), Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday midday-7pm (Go Natural restaurant)
  • Rua Azedo Gneco, 30 (Campo de Ourique), Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday midday-7pm
  • Rua Professor João Barreira, 3 (Telheiras), Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday midday-7pm

Celeiro Dieta

Celeiro Dieta is a chain of shops that sells a range of natural and wholefoods, cosmetics and food supplements, many of them certified organic. There’s also a particularly good selection of gluten-free items. Some of the stores have a restaurant or take away providing soup, spinach and tuna empanadas, quiches, salads and hot dishes.

  • Rua 1º de Dezembro, 65 (Baixa), Mon-Fri 8.30am-8pm and Saturday 8.30am-7pm
  • Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 130-A (São Sebastião metro station, opposite El Corte Inglés), Mon-Fri 9am-8pm and Saturday 9am-7pm
  • Av. da República, 83-C (near Campo Pequeno), Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and Saturday 9am-7pm
  • Praça de Alvalade, 6 – loja 14, Mon-Sun 9am-9pm
  • Amoreiras Shopping Center, Mon-Sun 10am-11pm
  • Centro Comercial Colombo, Mon-Sun 9am-midnight
  • Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama (Parque das Nações), Mon-Sun 10am-midnight

Farmers’ Markets

Feira de Produtos Biológicos do Príncipe Real

One of the first and most established organic farmers’ market takes place in Príncipe Real every Saturday. Small farmers come and sell their seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s very much a social gathering. Many people want the farmers’ advice, and prefer to buy here than in a large supermarket.

  • Jardim do Príncipe Real, every Saturday 9am-3pm

Mercado Agrobio de Lisboa

Every Saturday, local suppliers come to Campo Pequeno’s garden to sell their freshest, most seasonal produce. Fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs direct from certified farms are sold by farmers. Look also for natural cosmetics and essential oils.

  • Jardim do Campo Pequeno, every Saturday 9am-2pm
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