Public holidays in Portugal – plan your trip to Lisbon with these in mind

What are the major holidays in Lisbon? There are public holidays spread throughout the year that mark religious, historical and special events.

Most of Lisbon’s shops and attractions stay open throughout public holidays.

However, the frequency of public transport is reduced on these days (as it is on weekends) when compared to working days.

To plan your trip to Lisbon, find out what are the upcoming public and school holidays in Portugal.

Upcoming public holidays

Public Holiday 2017 2018
New Year’s Day Sunday 1 January Monday 1 January
Good Friday Friday 14 April Friday 30 March
Freedom Day Tuesday 25 April Wednesday 25 April
Workers’ Day Monday 1 May Tuesday 1 May
Corpus Christi Thursday 15 June Thursday 31 May
Day of Portugal Saturday 10 June Sunday 10 June
Saint Anthony’s Day Tuesday 13 June Wednesday 13 June
Assumption Day Tuesday 15 August Wednesday 15 August
Republic Day Thursday 5 October Friday 5 October
All Saints’ Day Wednesday 1 November Thursday 1 November
Independence Restoration Day Friday 1 December Saturday 1 December
Immaculate Conception Day Friday 8 December Saturday 8 December
Christmas Day Monday 25 December Tuesday 25 December

Christmas and New Year’s holidays

On 24 December and 31 December shops, including shopping centres, close at 7pm.

On Christmas Day (25 December) and New Year’s Day (1 January) most Lisbon attractions, shops and many restaurants are closed. Public transport is affected on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day with reduced service.

On 26 December many shops start their winter sale.

Easter holidays

Most Lisbon attractions will open on Good Friday, but some may close on Easter Sunday.

School holidays

School term dates change slightly from year to year. Traditionally, there are three school terms, with three short mid-term breaks and a longer break over the summer:

Summer holiday: late June to early September
Christmas holidays: late December to early January
Carnival holidays: Carnival Monday, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday
Easter holidays: two weeks either side of Easter Sunday