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Top Attractions in Baixa & Rossio

Get to know Lisbon’s Baixa and its top tourist attractions. Follow our guide to the Baixa in central Lisbon: a neighbourhood that contains everything, from a long pedestrianized shopping street down to a historic square facing the River Tejo and an eccentric wrought-iron street lift.

Attractions Rua Augusta

Baixa & Rossio at a Glance

The Baixa is Lisbon’s downtown, and one of the most important sightseeing districts. It contains everything, from historic squares to an eccentric wrought-iron street lift, to museums, to shops, historic cafés and restaurants.

Attractions Igreja São Domingos

Igreja de São Domingos – The Medieval Church

The Saint Dominic’s Church, dating from 1241, survived the great earthquake of 1755 and a fire in 1959 that completely destroyed it. Don’t miss a visit to its unique interior, so different from the idea one makes of it from the outside.

Attractions Praça da Figueira

Praça da Figueira: Lisbon’s Old Market

In between the adjacent Rossio and Martim Moniz, Praça da Figueira is home to Confeitaria Nacional, the oldest patisserie in Lisbon, founded in 1829. This historic square also has a number of hotels, stores and cafés.

Attractions Teatro Dona Maria II

Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II

Founded in 1846, Teatro Dona Maria II is located in a grand neoclassical building on the north side of the Rossio. The National Theatre was created for the purpose of developing and promoting the performing arts in Portugal.

Attractions Terreiro do Paço

Terreiro do Paço – Lisbon’s Gateway

With beautiful eighteenth century symmetrical buildings and arcades facing the River Tejo, the Terreiro do Paço is one of the most important squares in Lisbon.
The large open space, mostly pedestrian, is a must-see destination for visitors to Lisbon.

Attractions Nucleo Arqueológico

Núcleo Arqueológico – Archaeological Nucleus

Discover a hidden and fascinating archaeological museum beneath the streets of the Baixa. Take a guided tour that goes through the cramped tunnels and distinct layers that uncover several periods of Lisbon’s occupation. Admission is free.

Attractions Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta & Rua Augusta Arch Viewpoint

Pedestrianised since the 1980s with Portuguese calçada, Rua Augusta is the main commercial street in the Baixa (Lisbon downtown). For panoramic views of the Baixa grid, the Terreiro do Paço and the River Tejo, take the lift to the terrace of the prominent arch of Rua Augusta.

Attractions Design and Fashion Museum

Museu de Design e da Moda (MUDE)

The MUDE museum celebrates design and fashion with a collection of 2500 pieces. Fashion lovers will not want to miss haute couture from the 1930s and 1940s, street fashion from the 1960s and brands from the 1990s.

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