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Nightlife in Lisbon: Best Clubs

After a long wait, Lisbon’s nightclubs have reopened, and clubbers are finally back on the dance floor. There are several hot spots in town for clubbing and local concerts. Here’s where to go now.

Food & Drinks

The Best Sports Bars in Lisbon

Whether you’re looking for the best sports bar to watch football (soccer), rugby, cricket or American football, chances are this list of centrally located sports bars in Lisbon will have something for you.

What's On

Super Bock Super Rock Music Festival 2017

Taking over the riverside Parque das Nações, Super Bock Super Rock is one of the most important summer city rock festivals in Lisbon. This three-day event is a leading reference for European festivalgoers.

What's On

NOS Alive Music Festival 2017

NOS Alive is one of the largest music festivals in Portugal. This three-day event offers music from some of the best bands in a great location by the river, near Lisbon.

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