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Top Attractions in Marquês de Pombal and Beyond

Get to know Marquês do Pombal and adjoining neigbourhoods. Follow our guide to discover an area that has the largest park in central Lisbon, an impressive aqueduct, a museum with one of Europe’s richest art collections, as well as other, often overlooked, attractions.


Gulbenkian: Museum, Modern Art Centre & Gardens

Gulbenkian is an unmissable attraction in Lisbon. The Museum’s collection is of the highest quality, and covers an impressive range of periods and areas. For some Portuguese contemporary art, visit the Modern Art Centre. If you have the time, the Gulbenkian gardens are a great place for a picnic.

Attractions Parque Eduardo VII viewpoint

Marquês de Pombal & Beyond at a Glance

Avenida da Liberdade promoted the expansion of Lisbon northwards in the late nineteenth century. Today, a number of attractions can be found around this area: Eduardo VII Park offers an impressive view of Lisbon and Gulbenkian is one of Portugal’s best museums of fine arts.