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Things to Do

Experience Fado in Amalia’s House

While you can go for dinner and fado in the old neighbourhoods of Lisbon, you can also listen to the traditional music of Portugal in Amália’s former house. The intimate fado show is performed by professional singers and musicians in the garden.


The Top 10 Museums in Lisbon

Lisbon has several great museums and some are among the city’s main attractions. These are the best for an immersive experience introducing visitors to the Portuguese history and culture while visiting Lisbon.


Gulbenkian: Museum, Modern Art Centre & Gardens

Gulbenkian is an unmissable attraction in Lisbon. The Museum’s collection is of the highest quality, and covers an impressive range of periods and areas. For some Portuguese contemporary art, visit the Modern Art Centre. If you have the time, the Gulbenkian gardens are a great place for a picnic.


Fado Museum: Listen to Fado and Learn its History

A visit to the Fado Museum gives you an insight into Lisbon’s culture, and the Alfama neighbourhood where the genre was born. It’s a great opportunity to sample some of the best fado voices, and learn about the fado history and the instruments it uses.

Attractions Design and Fashion Museum

Museu de Design e da Moda (MUDE)

The MUDE museum celebrates design and fashion with a collection of 2500 pieces. Fashion lovers will not want to miss haute couture from the 1930s and 1940s, street fashion from the 1960s and brands from the 1990s.

Attractions Museu do Chiado

Museu do Chiado (MNAC)

The Museu do Chiado’s permanent collection includes contemporary Portuguese art as well as important sculptures by Rodin, Bourdelle and Joseph Bernard.