Why Go – Top Reasons to Visit Lisbon

Wondering why Lisbon has become so popular?

With seven hills that overlook the River Tejo, Lisbon has a stunning location and an amazing light that immediately captivates visitors. Lisbon is a rewarding destination that combines beautiful old neigbourhoods and vibrant parts that make it one of Europe’s most exciting cities.

Exploring in autumn, you get much more an idea of the old Lisbon, in spring and summer you get its youthful side, and in winter you get the summer temperatures of northern Europe.

You should visit Lisbon at least once. Here’s why.



The climate is perfect

Lisbon’s geographic position means great weather all year round. Summers are sunny and warm and winters are mild.

It’s a foodie’s paradise

Seafood, sardines, bacalhau (dried, salted cod) are some of the traditional dishes that you’ll find at Lisbon’s restaurants. Prices are not expensive; Lisbon is actually one of the EU’s least expensive capitals. A visit to the Portuguese capital is not complete without sampling the famous pastel de nata (custard tart) sprinkled with canela (cinnamon).

It offers stunning views

Discover Lisbon from the top. There are more than 20 viewpoints spread across the city that offer different angles and perspectives over a unique cityscape.

It’s an architectural melting pot

Lisbon reveals an eclectic range of architectural styles formed as the city expanded: Roman ruins, a Moorish castle and its neighbourhood Alfama, the iconic Jerónimos Monastery, and Parque das Nações’ futuristic buildings make up some of the distinctive styles that run through the city.

It opens into the broad River Tejo

The waterfront overlooking the broad Tejo estuary has been renovated around Terreiro do Paço and Cais do Sodré with warehouses converted into exciting cafés and restaurants. Parque das Nações is another waterfront area great for a stroll.

It’s like travelling in time

Climb one of Lisbon’s seven hills on the Ascensor da Glória or take a ride on tram 28 and discover the old Lisbon and all its hidden secrets.

It has an exciting nightlife

Head to Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré areas for a fun and inexpensive night out. You don’t need to make plans, just bar crawl like a local. For some authentic fado, check out some of the best fado houses in Alfama.

Beaches are just half an hour away

Barely 30 minutes by train from Lisbon, there are several wonderful beaches and seaside resorts that you can visit.